Title: We’ll Never Be Apart

Author: Emiko Jean
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary, Fiction, Metal Health, Horror, Romance


‘I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Or maybe I did and chose to ignore it because I wanted to love and be loved so badly.’

I did “let my followers choose what to read” on my instagram and they picked this book for me. I thought it was a supernatural horror kind of book which I would love BUT this book is also pretty good. 

It’s not something I’m hooked or can’t put down but it’s one that you can continuingly read and forget the time but if you’re a thriller genre book lovers, you’ll definitely love this book. Emiko did a very good job writing the stories since there’s 2 separated stories in every chapter. I usually get confused very easily to this kind of book. 

Let me tell you, it will get SO GOOD after a little half of this book. THE PLOT TWISTED y’all! Some people predicted the ending which I didn’t and I also didn’t expected this ending it made it so good for me! 

I definitely recommend this book especially if you’re a fan of psychological suspense, mental institution or thriller books.

That’s it for today everyone.
hope you guys like it and come read together!
what book are you guys reading right now? Tell me in the comment!

I’ll see you lovely people next post 🖤

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